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What are you afraid of?

This is an open message to queer people who are reluctant to allow asexual people into queer spaces. The brief argument, if you’ve missed it, is that some asexual people (and not just the ones who happen to be trans, or be in the sort of relationships with people of the same gender that you’ve decided count- listen to us when we say that dividing us that way makes no innate sense) think there would be a great benefit to them if they were allowed into queer spaces. Some other queer people have decided that such asexuals aren’t valid in their communities, and to not allow asexuals the benefits they would get from queer communities. Many have argued that asexuals should be allowed into queer communities, because they are a sexual minority who face a lot of the same problems as other sexual minorities, because there’s nothing in the definition of queer which excludes asexuals, because an awful lot of asexuals are very connected to and very invested in the queer movement, because it’s just kinda obvious.


Let me take a different tack. What have you got to lose? What are you afraid of? If we can’t hurt you, then there can be no reasons to let us lose the advantages we can get from being tucked under the queer wing.


This is a serious question. There’s a comment thing down there. Treat it as a challenge. We have so, so much to lose. What about you?

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