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On providing everything that is currently on-AVEN, off-AVEN. Here’s what we need. More precisely, here’s what you need to support, if you want to create an asexual internet that can exist fully outside of AVEN, which I’d argue is desirable, given the fact that the community can’t just be one site, and necessary, given the flawed definitions of asexuality that the AVENites seem to be moving towards:

I could link a whole load of other awesome stuff here- non-101 conversations, resources aimed at scientific research, asexual journalism, asexual advice columns. But these are the basics for anyone who wants to make AVEN a non-essential part of the asexual community. I’m especially excited about Asexuality Meetup Groups- it could be the perfect place to store all our information about ace-friendly LGBTQ groups, for example. I’d encourage everyone reading to make as much use of the above as possible.

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  1. There’s a ton of things I want to do with Asexual Awareness Week, and I agree with you that it’s a critical part of a post-AVEN-centric community. We’re in process of doing a complete overhaul of our site and trying to make it more sustainable long term.

    We were talking the other night about a different, non-AVEN community message board space. I don’t use BBS’ enough but isn’t TransYada a pretty good alt space?

    (Also, I have a post-AAW vision for a political advocacy org that is US based and engages in progressive politics, alliances with Planned Parenthood and LGBT political groups and other progressive social justice movements, and helps to build leadership and a mailing list for the community. Not that AAW would end, just the next step beyond that.)

    • TransYada is a pretty specialized trans* space that happens to have a lot of aces. A lot of them (from what I remember, I’ve not been on it in a while) don’t really like discussing ace stuff, and those that do discuss it elsewhere, like on AVEN. It’s also one fairly specific community- it functioned more as a group of friends than an issue forum that anyone can join. Right now, I don’t feel another asexual forum is really that sustainable, particularly if it bills itself as ‘an other asexual forum’. If we do get one, I reckon it’ll arise out of something else, like the AVEN forum was just something that happened to come with the website for the FAQ.

      That post-AAW thing sounds awesome. I mean, ‘[insert anti-sex/anti-queer policy here] is so silly, even we asexuals don’t support it’ is a brilliant way to create visibility in a really good way, while also, you know, helping. If I was in the US, that’d tempt me sorely. I don’t think that model would work as well in Britain.

      PS. I’m doing an AAW thing with my campus LGBT this October. Apparently there’s no set date this year? And is anybody grouping together the things that’re happening?

      • There’s no set date this year one unified week was a nightmare logistically. So it’s going to be a community decision. I’m furiously at work on the re-launch of the site which includes a huge resource center for hosts of AAW events (including fliers, pamphlets, slides, etc). Hopefully by Monday it’ll be live.

  2. I was initially excited about the idea of as a place for organizing asexual groups too, but it turns out that to have your meetings featured you have to pay a regular monthly fee – which not all meetup groups will want to/be able to pay for, so I think there really needs to be a free alternative.

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