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Penes, advice about penes

Looking for sex and health advice, random googler? Here’s a great website:

This blog is probably not the right blog for you. Seriously, you’re better off on scarleteen.

Although I have some random bits of advice for you:
-Don’t feel like anyone is forcing you to have sex. Sex is something fun and special, but only once both people know what they’re doing, and that they want to do it. Wait until you feel like you know enough.
-If you’re worried about whether something is normal, first, remember that normal is a wide category. You’re probably fine. Ask a couple of men you can trust. If you’re still worried, go and see a doctor.

Also, it’s spelt ‘penis’.

(some of the recent searches on my blog:
why penes raises when going to urine
boys having sex and show there penes
man penes with a women

I’ve been discussing sex ed with Sci recently. The main conclusion I can draw is that we definately should have it.)

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